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SAE Welcomes 23 New Brothers

Please help us welcome our newest members

Name, Hometown -College
Gregory Ziemak, Westport, CT-ILR
Tim Sommers, Rockville, MD -A&S
Jon Fife, Scarsdale, NY -A&S
Bryant Toth, San Francisco, CA -HOTEL
Brad Sandahl, Westlinn, OR -ENGR
Luke Poveromo, Circleville, NY -CALS
Curtis Roddy Montrose, MI -CALS
Nana Sintim-Misa, Baldwin, NY -CALS
Jon Miron Dresher, PA -CALS
Armand Hershowitz, Brookville, NY -CALS
Abram Balloga Meeker, CO -A&S
Skylar Hochberg, Oyster Bay, NY -HUM EC

Name, Hometown -College
Jeremy Dussolliet, Cold Spring, NY -ILR
Douglas Cloninger, Morristown, NJ -A&S
Jason Aronson, Melville, NJ -CALS
Jordan Stack, Morristown, NJ -HOTEL
David Markowitz, Suffern, NY -CALS
Jarett Banks, Villanova, PA -A&S
Allan Amitay, Westport, CT -A&S
Joseph Choniski, Brookfield, CT -ILR
Edward Rooker, Weedsport, -NY ILR
Jake Sutker, Mt Lakes, -NJ ENGR
Greg Narayan, East White Bear Lk, -MN A&S

SAE Brothers Win All-Sports Trophy for the Sixth Time in the Last Seven Years!

The active brothers gather outside Hillcrest after leadership school with the all-sports
trophy they won in the spring 2006 semester. For full details, go to the SAE Sports News page.

The 2006-2007 recipients of the SAE Dyson scholarships are:

The William E. Ainsworth Jr. '58 Scholarship:
Dewey Bellows '09 and Jason Davis '09

The William D. and Catherine Bowman Perez Scholarship:
Michael Glamore '09, Svante Myrick '09, and Powers Van Der Mandale '09


August 17, 2005: E.A. Brian Warshay reports that NY Alpha won the Chapter Achievement Award this year at Leadership School. Jeff Glick '08 and Miles Toben '08 were in attendance.

The award recognizes chapters that go above and beyond normal expectations and exemplify the strength of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on their respective campuses.

May 6, 2005: Five Cornell Baseball Players Named to All-Ivy Teams
Five Cornell baseball players have been named to the All-Ivy League teams in an announcement made on Friday by the league. Senior shortstop Matt Miller is a unanimous first-team selection. Junior second baseman Seth Gordon earned a spot on the second team, and junior right-hander Rocky Collis, sophomore reliever Jim Hyland and freshman outfielder SAE brother Brian Kaufman have all received honorable mention. To read the original article, click here.

Read April 27 article about Brian Kaufman signing with the Pittsfield Dukes.

April 2005: The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs in conjunction with the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and Multicultural Greek Letter Council announced that Jeff Massa '05, outgoing IFC President, received the Outstanding IFC Leader Award, and Jeff Glick '08, Co-President of the SAE pledge class, was selected the Outstanding New Member of the IFC.

August 4, 2004: New York Alpha just this past week received the top chapter awards from SAE National for Financial Management, Risk Management, Communications, Inter-Fraternity Council & Campus Leadership, and Continuing Education due to our commitment to the Creating Chapters of Excellence program. Most importantly, we received the 2004 John O. Mosley Award for Fraternity Zeal at the recent 69th Annual Leadership School in Evanston, IL. Since 1956, the John O. Moseley Zeal Award has been granted annually to the chapter that best exemplifies loyalty, zeal, and devotion to the ideals of SAE, and recognizes the one chapter out of 209 chapters nationwide that performs at a level beyond normal expectations, best exemplifying the strength of the Fraternity on their respective campus.


The John O. Moseley Award for Fraternal Zeal, the highest award that can be bestowed on a chapter, was established in 1956. Moseley was the founder of Leadership School, and he was a Eminent Supreme Archon and a Eminent Supreme Recorder. The award has been presented to 55 chapters since its inception.

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Cornell takes the Zeal

"I could not have asked for anything more. The Zeal Award wasn't something that New York Alpha strived for. In the beginning of the year, we set out to grow tighter as a brotherhood, handle our responsibilities, and make sure that we had a great time doing so. Only when we found ourselves attaining these ambitions did winning the Zeal Award become an idea. For each minute we spent enjoying the Fraternity experience, we spent infinitely more time working to improve our organization.

With more than 13,000 undergraduates at Cornell and 4,000 members in the Greek community, making an impact on this campus is an accomplishment in itself. As the largest of 40 fraternities, the New York Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has become a meeting ground for the leaders of this university.

During recruitment, we offered bids to men based on character, integrity and Leadership. Last year,our chapter house, Hillcrest, was home to the president and vice-president of university and community relations of the Interfraternity Council, the co-chairman of the orientation steering committee, the Cornell delegate to the Ivy League Summit, two editors on the Cornell Daily Sun and the captains of the varsity tennis and sprint football teams. Our ability to come together as a group led us to win the Moseley Award in 2004.

In the early part of the year, a lot had to be done before we could move to the forefront of campus organizations One of our most difficult projects was implementing our revised risk-management plan. After a number of IFC violations the previous year, we went through 2003-?04 without a single incident.

The chapter became involved in a new Greek initiative called Creating Chapters of Excellence. The pilot program involves only nine of the 65 Greek organizations on campus and is meant to enhance the overall fraternity and sorority experience for its members. The chapter saw an opportunity to lead this group. We sponsored a guest-lecture series at Hillcrest featuring various Cornell professors and, later in the year, a handful of our members met the president of Cornell University at a private Greek reception. By trying out new ideas and exploring the opportunities offered, we quickly made ourselves an example in the eyes of the university.

In late spring I had the honor of initiating 27 men. They brought new energy into the house and served as an inspiration to the chapter. Together we donated more than 500 hours of service to the Ithaca community. At the Cornell Greek awards in late spring, two of our brothers received outstanding chapter leader awards for their contributions to the Fraternity and the Greek system, and New York Alpha won the prestigious Outstanding Chapter Award.

Whatever happens over the next few years, nothing can change what this chapter gives back to its members. What we will all remember in 50 years is that in 2004 we had the time of our lives with our best friends. As the Eminent Archon during this period, I could not have asked for anything more.

Phi Alpha,
Charles B. P. Kunken
Eminent Archon

The SAE 2003-'04 Awards

Sigma Alpha Epsilon recognizes its outstanding members and entities through an awards program that continues to expand. Recipients of awards can range from the individual undergraduate to an entire area alumni association.

Presented below are the winners for 2003-'04. To learn more about chapter or undergraduate awards,contact Coordinator of Educational Programs Dave Sandell at dsandell@saenet, and to learn more about alumni awards, contact Director of Alumni and Volunteer Services Tim Strobl at tstrobl@saenet.

Chapter Awards

John O Moseley Award for Fraternity Zeal
The Zeal Award is given during each Leadership School since 1956 to the one chapter
that best exemplifies loyalty, zeal, and devotion among its members.

Cornell University New York Alpha

Fort Hays State University - Kansas Delta
University of Oklahoma - Oklahoma Kappa
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Massachusetts Delta
Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma Mu
Mount Union College - Ohio Sigma

Chapter Achievement Award Winners
Chapter Achievement Awards recognize chapters that go above and beyond normal
expectations and exemplify the strength of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on their respective campuses.

University of Alaska - Alaska Alpha
University of Minnesota - Minnesota Alpha
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Arizona Delta
Cornell University - New York Alpha
University of California-Los Angeles - California Delta
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - New York Epsilon
University of Northern Iowa - Iowa Chi
University of Cincinnati - Ohio Epsilon
Iowa State University - Iowa Gamma
Mount Union College - Ohio Sigma
University of Idaho - Idaho Alpha
University of Oklahoma - Oklahoma Kappa
Loyola University - Illinois Alpha-Omega
Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma Mu
Ball State University - Indiana Zeta
University of South Dakota- South Dakota Sigma
University of Kansas - Kansas Alpha
East Tennessee State University - Tennessee Alpha
Fort Hays State University - Kansas Delta
Union University - Tennessee Eta
University of Louisville - Kentucky Sigma
University of Richmond - Virginia Tau
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Massachusetts Delta

Risk Management Award
This award recognizes the chapter that best exemplifies the spirit and philosophy of the risk
management policies of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in overall chapter operations.

Cornell University - New York Alpha

K. Martin Huffman Communication Award
This award recognizes chapters that excel in communicating their various messages to specific audiences.

Cornell University New York Alpha

Campus and Interfraternity Leadership Award
This award recognizes the chapter that encourages its members to be involved in a variety of
activities and organizations on campus, including the Interfraternity Council. Winning chapters
demonstrate leadership within those activities and organizations.

Cornell University - New York Alpha

Financial Management Award
This award recognizes the chapter that best practices sound financial management.

Cornell University - New York Alpha

Continuing Education Award
This award recognizes the chapter that best exhibits and participates in continuing education
programs for its members.

Cornell University - New York Alpha

An Overzealous Group:
NY Alpha brothers accept the John O. Mosley Award for Fraternity Zeal.

Read more about the Zeal Award (from NY Alpha News) below

SAE undergraduates Jeffrey Massa '05 and Charlie Kunken '05
were recognized by Cornell University FSAC as Outstanding Chapter Leaders for 2004!

Jeff Massa '05

Click for article by Jeff Masa appearing on Cornell FSA page

SAE wins a Cornell University award for being an Outstanding Chapter
[Read article here from The Cornell Daily Sun April 28, 2004]

State Of The Chapter Report

The year 2004 will surely be one of the most memorable in New York Alpha history, thanks to the efforts of the active brotherhood. They went above and beyond their traditional responsibilities and helped redefine the meaning of a True Gentleman. Their procurement of the Zeal Award is testament to the meritorious character of the brothers currently residing at Hillcrest. Their dedication and hard work not only brought the Zeal Award back to Hillcrest, but also earned them an assortment of awards from SAE National-Risk Management, Financial Management, Campus/IFC Leadership, Communication, Continuing Education, Alumni Relations (runner-up)- and the Cornell Greek Awards-Outstanding Chapter, and Outstanding Chapter Leaders, Jeffery Massa '05 and Charlie Kunken '05.

What hath earned you this distinction? 2004 got off on the right foot when the 65 active brothers emerged from rush week with 27 pledges, the largest pledge class on campus. Over the next eight weeks, these pledges were acclimated into a brotherhood of campus leaders, varsity athletes, and lovable characters. New York Alpha boasts 14 varsity and club athletes and members holding leadership positions in a plethora of campus organizations-ranging from the president of the InterFraternity Council, Jeffery Massa '05, to the founder of the Cornell chapter of AIESEC, William Newman '04.

With all of these aspiring leaders under one roof, the active brothers planned some very unique events that allowed them to demonstrate to the Cornell community that they are True Gentlemen. On September 11, 2004, Hillcrest hosted a reception for CNN anchorman Aaron Brown, which allowed students to interact with the prestigious anchorman before he gave a speech on campus later that evening. In early October, Hillcrest also hosted the Providence Nu EA, EDA, ET Leadership retreat at which leading members of the providence discussed pertinent chapter issues. Finally, SAE and participating sororities raised $1,600 for charity at the first SAE Bakeoff.

All of the accomplishments of the active brothers have made 2004 a year to remember; let?s hope that they continue the tradition and make 2005 even better.
Ben Salter '03

Co-Chapter Advisor

NY Alpha Brings Home The Zeal Award

It wasn't until I was on stage in Chicago this summer, in front of hundreds of SAE's from around the country, that it finally hit me. Here I was at the 2004 SAE Leadership School, representing NY Alpha as a Zeal nominee with a serious chance to take home the award. What had been a grueling four days of meetings, seminars, classes, and speeches all came down to this very moment.

In those few minutes before the announcement, I thought back on our year in Ithaca?the chapter meetings, the officer retreats, the community service events, the guest speakers, the late night conversations about the house, the Friday mornings spent in the kitchen with Johnny (our chef), the feuds, the celebrations, the parties, the intramural victories, Senior Week, Reunion, the entire year of hard work and incredible fun that got us to this point. I determined that no matter who won that night, nothing could replace the journey that delivered us to this moment. And then it was announced: ?...the winner of the 2004 John O. Moseley Award for Fraternity Zeal...NEW YORK ALPHA!!!?

The news spread to the entire chapter faster than it takes Brother Nute to get an order of wings delivered to Hillcrest. Wherever the NY Alphas were around the country, cheers were yelled, celebrations were had, and cell phone bills skyrocketed. Even though we were all miles apart, we shared an incredible feeling of pride that night.

That enthusiasm has unquestionably carried over to the fall semester. We continue to work and improve, and it is our belief that this year can be even better than the last. The past few months have already shown that the brothers are not complacent with being the best.

On September 11, CNN anchorman Aaron Brown came to Cornell to speak at the Statler Auditorium. Before his speech that evening we were honored by having Mr. Brown come talk with us at a small reception at Hillcrest. It was a unique experience meeting such a well-known journalist who shared his insights with us right at our very own house.

A few weeks later, over the weekend of October 1, Hillcrest was host to the Province Nu leadership retreat. Representatives from seven other SAE chapters in New York State were in attendance, as well as our province officials. Our guests had a great time staying at the house, and valuable information was exchanged between chapters.

The all-sports quest is also back on, as we strive for our sixth-straight championship. And, led by eminent deputy archon Christopher Palmaro, we have already raised $1,600 through a new philanthropy event called the SAE bakeoff.

When describing our quest for the Zeal, some may refer to the famous Theodore Roosevelt quote, "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." Others simply use Jeff Pearlman's quote on the 1986 Mets, "The bad guys won." But, no matter which group you fall under, one thing we all know has been reaffirmed--the best SAE in the country can be found at Cornell University. There certainly is no finer place.

Phi Alpha,
Charles B.P. Kunken
Eminent Archon

Read the Awards article from the SAE National magazine (pdf)